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AutoCAD 24.1 Civil 3D  Full Version   Free Download [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

AutoCAD 24.1 Civil 3D Full Version Free Download [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022








AutoCAD Crack Free [April-2022]


AutoCAD was released in December 1982, with version 1.0 drawing on the experience gained by its predecessor, DraftSight. While the new product was initially seen as a scaled-down version of DraftSight, it was intended to operate as an entirely independent product that could be used by small and large businesses. It has evolved since its debut, and it is marketed as a complete "CAD" product, supporting the creation of 2D drawing, 3D models, and 3D animations.

Autodesk experienced difficulties early on in the release of AutoCAD. Even before version 1.0 was officially released, the founders of Autodesk made several attempts to sue Autodesk's former contractor, Dorman-Blanchard, Inc. The claim was that Dorman-Blanchard had been overpaid for its work on the original DraftSight program, and it was released without sufficient documentation. These were settled after a court decision in 1986.

AutoCAD 1.0 was released on February 8, 1983, to mostly positive reviews. The product went on to sell more than 25 million copies within its first five years of release, and was the company's fastest-selling CAD product ever.

On May 14, 1986, Autodesk filed for an IPO of its stock, which was approved on December 12, 1986. On September 29, 1986, Autodesk was publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol ADSK, and had been listed on the NYSE for five days, with a trading volume of $32 million.


The AutoCAD platform was developed in-house at Autodesk by its founders, with the support of the engineering staff at its California office. The platform included pre-emptive object models (POMs), a structure that would allow a user to determine the dynamic loading of an object model in response to user actions such as stretching a line to create a circle, or activating a hatch pattern on a surface. Dynamic loading is the process of pre-empting the creation of new model elements (or objects), so that the insertion of new elements into a drawing takes place with a minimum of delay.

Over time, the AutoCAD platform has been enhanced by Autodesk to address the needs of specific product lines, such as Revit, and the software has been transformed by acquisitions, mergers, and the introduction of new hardware platforms. For example, by 1990

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Learning AutoCAD
The following resources are useful for AutoCAD learning.

Autodesk Academy
Autodesk University
AutoCAD University
Autodesk Learning Partners Network
Free 3D Modeling


Published by Autodesk

AutoCAD User's Guide and Reference.

Published by others

AutoCAD Printer's Reference.


Level the Learning Curve
Autodesk Help
Student Center

General AutoCAD questions and answers
Introductory AutoCAD Design
AutoCAD Users Forum
AutoCAD Online Community

Online Communities

Autodesk Labs Community
Autodesk User Community

Free 3D modeling
3D Warehouse
Google 3D Warehouse

Online training
Autodesk University
Autodesk University Online
Autodesk University

Standalone programs

External links
Autodesk Official Autodesk website
Autodesk Developer Network
AutoCAD Information and Resources (API Documentation)

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Is there a good resource for finding "old-timer" dealers?

I'm not just looking for personal opinions here. I want to know if there is a reliable resource, like a listing of dealers that started offering service before the 1980s and maybe even before the 1970s. I don't just want to research the history of American car dealerships as a whole, I want to know about who's offering service that is especially worth saving. If there is such a resource, then I'd like to find it.


There is, but it's not an easy Google query to find.
It's the AACA - Automotive Aftermarket Dealers Association.
On their web site you can go to the "Public AACA directory" (see the yellow arrows in the top right corner). It'll list all their members. (At least it did when I last looked)


Getting text from a javascript function

I have a javascript function that creates a text box that is hidden on page load and then appears onclick of a button. I have the text input added to the page using javascript

AutoCAD Free [2022]

Tutorial 2: Installing Unlimited Users
1. Go to the main menu

2. Click on Settings

3. Select System

4. Choose users and groups

5. Select Customization

6. Choose Number of Users

7. Enter the desired number

Tutorial 3: Using the Autocad Clipboard
1. Launch Autocad and open a drawing

2. Click on Paste

3. Add the drawing's URL, note the name and then right click on the drawing to get the URL

4. Open your browser and go to the webpage to get the license key

5. Go to the main menu and click on File, then Options, then Settings

6. Set the Clipboard/Import to 'Autocad Drive'

Tutorial 4: Adding the Clipboard Extension to the File Menu
1. Open the main menu
2. Click on Customize

3. Select Plugins
4. Choose AutoCAD from the sidebar

5. Click on Add
6. Type 'clipboard' in the search box
7. Click on the 'Clipboard Extension' entry
8. Click on OK

Tutorial 5: Adding new Users to the File Menu
1. Go to the main menu

2. Click on Options

3. Select Users and groups
4. Click on Users

5. Choose Add

6. Type in the username you want to add
7. Enter the password for that username
8. Select 'with a profile' if you want a desktop icon or a shortcut on the desktop

9. Click on OK
10. Select the user in the Users and groups panel

Tutorial 6: Adding Extra Features to the File Menu
1. Go to the main menu
2. Click on Options
3. Select Clipboard/Import
4. Add the 'clippy' plugin
5. Click OK to save

Tutorial 7: Turning Off the Clipboard
1. Go to the main menu
2. Click on File, then Options, then Settings
3. Set the Clipboard/Import to 'Autocad Drive'

Tutorial 8: Using the Google Search Box
1. Go to the main menu
2. Click on Options
3. Select Plugins
4. Search 'Quick Search'
5. Click on Add
6. Type in 'Quick Search'
7. Click on the new icon


What's New In AutoCAD?

“Quick Quick Raster”:

Make object selections extremely quick in AutoCAD, using raster-based technology called “quick” to snap to the nearest black and white pixel.

“Smart Guides”:

A new “smart” connection to AutoCAD’s AutoSnap technology allows you to snap lines, arcs, and circles automatically, in a single connection.


Improve drawings by drawing a box around parts of the drawing to hide them from the viewport. A new “block” color allows you to color code items in the drawing to quickly identify them.

“Smart Entities”:

Create relationships automatically between two entities – using geometric objects to link them, based on common features.

“Drawing Browser”:

Get a view of the active drawing directly in the Drawings Browser window. Markup Import and Markup Assist now display all of the AutoCAD markup found in a drawing file.

Pagination in Word documents, folders, and within files:

Support for hyperlinks that open a PDF, Word, or Excel file from within a drawing.

More scalable fonts:

Including WingDings, Comic Sans and more, now support scalable fonts that scale up as the viewport size increases.

Pin objects:

With object snap enabled, you can now pin objects to multiple points in a 3D drawing.

Selection-based Intersect:

Using insertion, it is now possible to select objects within a selection to be automatically clipped.

“Spelling Suggestions”:

AutoCAD will now display a list of suggested words when it encounters a spelling error.

Patching Features:

You can now use shape selection or blocks as a patch. You can also define patch options such as height, shape, and fill.

New Plot Style Features:

Plot Styles have the capability to be shared, giving you the ability to create a custom Plot Style from a standard style.

Plot Styles can be transferred to a new drawings via rasterization of the source drawings.

“Fuzzy toolbars”:

Improved appearance and functionality of toolbars in AutoCAD.

“Font Cache�

System Requirements:

PC: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Mac: OSX 10.10 or higher (iMac is not supported)
Linux: Ubuntu 14.04 or higher
Sierra: Macs made before 2017
Nintendo Switch: All Wii U consoles
Xbox 360: Windows 7
PlayStation 3/4: Windows 7
Wii U: Windows 7
PS Vita: Windows 10 or higher
Mobile: iOS 11.3 or higher (iPhone 4S & iPad

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