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Nga 5 Fjali Me Homonime.rar

Nga 5 Fjali Me Homonime.rar

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Nga 5 Fjali Me Homonime.rar



I suggest you use explode to convert your string to an array, and use array_unique() to remove duplicates:
$result = explode(";", $string);
$unique = array_unique($result);
echo implode('; ', $unique);

The influence of differential palatability on the weight and flavor preferences of 8- to 16-week-old rats.
A comparison was made of the palatability of six flavors, foraging, sucrose and starch solutions, in 8- to 16-week-old male rats. Eight rats were placed for a 5-min test each into individual test cages containing a 36 cm diameter glass dish containing a solution 1 cm from the dish's bottom. All solutions were presented at a volume of 3 ml for test period. The palatability of the solutions were arranged so that the pairing for individual rats was flavor x age. Data analysis indicated that the amount of food ingested was unaffected by age; rats consumed at least half of their allotted food. The highest energy consumptions were for sucrose, starch and flavored solutions with 0.25% citric acid. The lowest energy consumptions were for flavored and sucrose solutions without citric acid. Analysis of the total amount of time rats spent in eating, with and without no citric acid, revealed that the difference among groups was not significant. A significant main effect of age was found only on palatability, suggesting that the gustatory preference for solutions was less mature in 16- than in 8-week-old rats. There was an age-related difference in the preference for the flavored + 0.25% citric acid solution over the flavored solution without citric acid.Q:

How to get the ID of a clicked row in customised table view?

i have a customised tblview, where i have a bottom most row. i have implemented the segue between two view controllers but it only show the last row i clicked. how can i pass the previous row's object id?


You need to maintain a pointer to the object in cellForRowAtIndexPath. Assign the object pointer to your cell's contentView's object inside cellForRowAtIndexPath. Pass that object pointer to your destination view controller. Then access that object pointer inside destination view controller to access the data.
Edit: You can pass the index path also in prepareForSegue. Then

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